HAPPY MARRIAGE begins with having the right wedding planning checklist."

Every bride-to-be wants to know how to plan a wedding step by step.


We all wanted to know the important things for wedding planning.

fairytale-like wedding

Having a Princess Gown with long trail…

And a 7-tier wedding cake.

Who wouldn’t want this dreamy wedding, right?

But wedding is just 1 day. It’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a bigger picture you need to know about, and it’s about marriage.

You and your groom-to-be needs to decide on a lot of things…

Most couples tend to fight during wedding planning…

Plus, you both want to know how to plan a low budget wedding to save on costs.

These things make up for a “Happy Marriage”

And the first step to achieve a happy marriage lies in a successful wedding planning.

If you’d ask me “Is wedding planning stressful?”

Well, it can be very stressful if you do not have a wedding planning guide.

Because you need to know how to budget, how to make a wedding guest list, and also decide on which suppliers you need to pick.

Unfortunately, lots of couples fight because of these things.

My husband and I included. We fought during wedding planning because we think differently. And we are both clueless on how to plan a wedding ceremony.

We argue on the fonts to be used for the invitation, we were so frustrated on the costs we had to cut down, and it’s hard to fit all our families and friends into a 200 guest list.  

If you do not use a wedding planning checklist, it’s very challenging.

That’s why I understand some brides who turn into a bridezilla when delays happen.

I’m here to help you.

Let’s start with your wedding planning concerns. How to plan a wedding by yourself? How to plan a wedding in Philippines? How to plan a low budget wedding? How to plan a wedding step by step?

church wedding

I’ve been through this, and we managed to fit in 200 wedding guests with our 300k wedding budget. 

And yes, a 6 month wedding planning timeline is possible, we made it happen without even hiring a wedding planner. And I want to help you do the same.

In our eBook, I’ll show you how to achieve a stress-free and budget-friendly wedding even if you only have 6 months to plan, and you’re only available during the weekends.

  • You’ll get a wedding planning checklist
  • I’ll send you over wedding planning tips and ideas
  • You’ll also access a wedding planning excel spreadsheet

You will learn a lot about the wedding planning process, which will help you prioritize things. Because an organized wedding planning timeline will save you from so much trouble.

You will also learn about the different suppliers you will need. This online wedding planning tool will give you a background about suppliers, the things you need to ask them before even paying a downpayment.

And most importantly, I will guide you to help you picture out what really happens during your wedding day. Like what time should you wake up, exact things you need to bring on the preparation area, and even the things you need to endorse to your Coordinator. You will get a detailed wedding planning checklist for your big day.

I will make wedding planning easy for you!

Take a look:

how to plan a wedding
Our dreamy and fairy-tale-like wedding last May 18, 2019.

And I want to HELP YOU achieve your Dream Wedding in as fast as 6 months.



“Wedding Planning for the Clueless Bride-to-Be”

Wedding Planning Guide
For representation purposes only. Tablet, Smartphone and Physical Book not included.

The Quick and Easy Way to Plan Your Wedding!

You have to read this guide before even paying the downpayment to any suppliers.

And to avoid misunderstandings with your groom-to-be.

Once you know all the wedding planning tips and tricks inside this easy-to-follow eBook, you will become a smarter bride-to-be. You never have to second guess yourself.

Because Wedding Planning for the Clueless Bride-to-be was made by a bride for the brides. This is not made by a wedding planner who just aims to sell their services later on. This is not about the perfect and ideal magazine weddings, it discusses about the realities of Philippine weddings.

We also tackle here how to deal with your families, entourage, and even to your suppliers. Because I’ve been there, I understand that you need more than just a wedding planning checklist, you need to know how to handle things financially, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.

That’s why this eBook will also help you deal and overcome these kinds of stress.

Check out what our readers has to say

Jerny and Jane of thejerny.com, a famous travel blogger couple, who learned a lot before getting into action.

While Sandy felt less stressed after finishing this book! Sandy shared her review!

"The Budgetarian Bride book by Camille Fornela covers a whole lot of topics for newly engaged couples who are looking into tying the knot and how it's done. As an engaged couple, we learned a lot of things and processes that we ought to know before getting into action. Most of the questions we asked ourselves have been answered by this book. From entourage preparation to suppliers preparation, the details have been precise and it's great. We are both looking forward to a future together and this totally helped us with the timelines we need, budget to allocate and take note of what's important and what's not."
Jerny and Jane
Travel Blogger
"I got excited to read the book so natapos ko na sya basahin today. I feel less stressed after reading this book because now we have a guide and a sense of direction for the wedding preparations. This book is very informative and helpful for soon to be brides who have no Idea where to start, how to plan and budget for their wedding. It is very comprehensive and provides a detailed guide on all important matters to be considered and needed in your wedding preparation. It includes great tips and advice as well to make sure that all items needed for the wedding will be taken care of."

Or maybe you will feel you’re no longer a clueless bride-to-be. From Rowena, who no longer needs to hire a Wedding Planner.

And a very busy Entrepreneur like Alma who had so many AHA moments!

“Very good content. It is really helpful talaga sa mga clueless bride-to-be. Personally, it helped me visualize my wedding preparations (soon. hehehe). The book covered every detail that needs to be considered in planning a wedding. With this book as my guide, parang hindi ko na kailangan mag hire ng wedding planner which could actually save us a lot. 🙂 I like the way it was presented na naka timeline what needs to be done first from the first few months before and until the wedding day.”
"This book is very helpful para sa mga nagpaplanong magpakasal like me. Wala talaga akong masyadong idea anu ba dapat ang ang ipriority at mas bigyan ng focus kapag nagpaplano kang magpakasal. This book is a complete and easy guide for us. May mga AHA moments pa nga, especially sa how to make the guests list lalo pag big ang family. I will recommend it to others who are also clueless how to plan their dream wedding and for sure worth it ang time to read this Ebook."

In as little as 6 months, You Can Plan Your Wedding Fast Without Fail!

Best of all, it’s easy to plan within the budget. All you have to do is download your copy of Wedding Planning for the Clueless Bride-to-be:

  • This is the only wedding planning guide made specially by a Filipina bride for Filipina Brides-to-be!
  • Need a 6 month wedding planning timeline? Then see page 70 for a wedding planning template printable that will blow your mind!
  • Short on budget? Then you’ll love the 49 money-saving tips you’ll find inside!
  • How to talk to Wedding Suppliers Like a Pro? – wedding planning tips and tricks you need to know before even paying a downpayment.
  • What Professional Wedding Planners hope you NEVER find out about Wedding Planning!
  • A surprising trick to select guests in 30 seconds – no extra effort, no thinking required!
  • The top wedding planning mistakes and how to avoid them!
  • A simple little way to organize your timeline – you won’t believe how well this works!

And so much more!

By the time you flip the final page of this exciting Wedding Planning Guide, you’ll feel like you have a Ph.D. in Wedding Planning!


If you’re looking for some rehashed story or a pile of fairy dust, this isn’t it.

But if you’re looking for a surefire way to have a stress-free wedding, then this is the last eBook you’ll ever need!

And here’s where it gets more amazing…

When You Order Today, You’ll Also Receive These 4 Gifts!

Since my goal is to let you fully enjoy wedding planning, I will also be sending you these “Priceless gifts”. Consider these as wedding presents from me!

Wedding Present #1
“Where Did Our Budget Go?” Tracker

(valued at 1,500 pesos)

This customizable and printable Wedding Budget Tracker is a personal file I developed to help us monitor our wedding expenses.

It helped us easily analyze where exactly did our budget go.

You will never find this user-friendly tracker anywhere else because I was the one who formulated this!

Guideline: You will need Google Sheets to view and edit this file.

Wedding Planning Checklist

Wedding Present #2
RSVP Tracker

(valued at 1,000 pesos)

Whether you want an intimate or elaborate wedding, you will need to have an official guest list.

This template is designed to track each guests’ confirmation. From handing out the invitation, until they RSVP. All organized!

Guideline: You will need Google Sheets to view and edit this file.

Wedding Present #3
The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

(valued at 6,000 pesos)

This comprehensive guide is every bride-to-be’s must-have!

You will receive the following checklists from me:

  • Things to Endorse to Your OTD Coordinator
  • Reception Program Flow
  • Wedding Gown Styles
  • The Wedding Planning Checklist
  • Preparation Area Timeline
  • Things to Bring On-The-Day of Wedding

Wedding Present #4
"I Do" Calendar

(valued at 1,500 pesos)

This printable and customizable calendar is made specifically for Filipina brides-to-be!

Have it printed and display on your wall for easier monitoring.

You’ll be able to monitor wedding planning details by just looking at it!

Guideline: You will need Google Sheets to view and edit this file.

Plus, you’ll notice that all these are “Digital Products” and not in physical form. 

We intentionally designed all products to be accessed instantly through the Internet so you can have it immediately.

Digital products are great because…

  • You SAVE money from printing, packaging, and shipping
  • No need to wait for the package to arrive
  • You can access this eBook INSTANTLY within minutes of your purchase

So let me ask you…

What is a Stress-Free Wedding Worth to You?

If you’re like a lot of people, you’ve already spent thousands or millions of pesos and you still do not have peace of mind.

That’s because you are missing one crucial ingredient…

Wedding Planning Knowledge from a Person Who Had Been There

That’s what makes the Wedding Planning for the Clueless Bride-to-be different.

Because for the first time ever, there’s a Philippine Wedding Planning Guide written by a former Filipina Bride-to-Be! (most books were written by Wedding Planners)

Forget about 1 year or 9 months wedding planning.

Trust me, everything can be done within 6 months and within your budget.

From Day 1 of your wedding planning until the day of your wedding, this eBook will guide you on the exact things you need to do.

I’ll make sure you never forget even the tiniest wedding detail!

Now, I know you’re thinking that this is gonna set you back at least 50,000 pesos.

Because if you compute the freebies alone, it’s already 10,000 pesos worth!

Plus, getting a decent wedding planner might cost you 50,000 pesos.

Relax… YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY 50,000 pesos – not even close. 

That’s because I wanted to make sure this solution is available to absolutely everyone.

And that’s why if you act now…

You can get your copy for just…

That’s right – your wedding problems, solved, for a tiny investment of just 1,499 pesos.

Para ka lang nagbayad sa lunch buffet, or bumili ng murang sapatos. Pero kapalit ng investment mo ay stress-free dream wedding.

You know this is an absolute steal, so click on the button below to order now.

There’s just one thing left for you to do…

Take Advantage of this awesome price and Order Now for just 1,499 pesos

Your next step is easy – you have 3 options.


Purchase with your Credit Card:


Just CLICK on the button below to get your instant access and start your stress-free wedding planning now!

You will be redirected to your secured shopping cart page.

Fill up all the required details to checkout securely.

You can use your credit card or your PayPal account.

After confirmed payment, you will receive your eBook via email instantly!


Purchase thru BPI Bank Deposit/Fund Transfer:

Deposit: Php 1,499

Step 1: Go to any BPI or BDO Branch nationwide and deposit or Fund Transfer (BPI/BDO App, GCash, Instapay) your Php 1,499 to the following account:


Account: Jeffry Joffer Fornela

Account #: 8749187973


Account: Jeffry Joffer Fornela

Account #: 003000427354

Step 2: Scan or take a photo of your deposit slip/screenshot of fund transfer and email it to camille@thebudgetarianbride.com for verification purposes. “Subject: Payment for Wedding Planning eBook Guide”

Step 3: Upon verification, you will receive an email for the download instructions. (Maximum of 48 hours)


Purchase thru Cebuana Lhuillier/ Palawan Express/ Western Union/ GCash:

Transfer: Php 1,499

Step 1: Go to any Branch of Cebuana/ Palawan/ Western Union/ GCash App nationwide and Transfer Php 1,499 to the following receiver:

Receiver: Jeffry Joffer Fornela

Receiver’s #: 09157925048

Step 2: Scan or take a photo of your transfer slip and email it to camille@thebudgetarianbride.com for verification purposes. “Subject: Payment for Wedding Planning eBook Guide”

Step 3: Upon verification, you will receive an email for the download instructions. (Maximum of 48 hours)

Do it now because the price will increase as the demand rises!

Happy Preps,

Camille Fornela

P.S. All you have to do is decide to have a stress-free wedding planning, and Wedding Planning for the Clueless Bride-to-be will take care of everything else. So make the decision right now, and then click here to make your dream wedding happen!

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