Ethereal Fashion Show

Ethereal Fashion Show by Ryan Chris Aims to Make More Brides Beautiful

I want to create beautiful brides than beautiful gowns,” says Ryan Chris during the opening of the Ethereal Fashion Show. Ryan even claims that he considered it a failure when people tell the bride “Ang ganda ng gown mo.”

The Ethereal Fashion Show showcases Ryan Chris‘ creativity which brings us to a different dimension through his creations. Every bride who will wear his piece would definitely look ravishing.

Ethereal Fashion Show

Want to take a look at his latest collection? Then keep on browsing to find out what happened in the runway!

Ryan Chris Ethereal

A Glimpse of Ethereal Fashion Show

ready to wear bridal gowns
The Fashion Show started with this gorgeous-looking pair. I love the off-shoulder look plus the combination of the jumpsuit and long-back trail.
Ethereal Fashion Show
Then, this dreamy gown stands out with its non-white designs. It’s like a wedding gown made for lovely fairies with their pixie dust.
Ethereal Fashion Show by Ryan Chris House of Fashion
And to the brides who really wanted to stay away from traditions, Ryan Chris creates stunning wedding gowns in various colors. This light blue wedding gown is definitely my personal favorite!
The Budgetarian Bride
It has a “Goddess of Beauty” vibe for me, very feminine and stylish. The tiny hint of yellow on this gown just made it perfect, can’t take my eyes off of it.
Wedding suit designer manila
And to complement my favorite gown here’s a blue-green suit that highlights elegance. This color looks so manly yet it looks very neat.
Wedding Gowns Shop
Up next is a more conservative gown in lilac. This one looks suitable for fun-loving and carefree women.
Ethereal Fashion Show Ryan Chris
If you can’t decide whether you want to keep it simple or you want it dramatic, this one is perfect for you! This knee-high light blue dress comes with very eye-catching back detail. Surely, everyone can recognize this kind of bride from miles away.
ready to wear bridal gowns
Same style at the back, but it’s bolder in front. This lacy bodysuit looks like a futuristic wedding gown for me. It is definitely a show-stopper and one-of-a-kind wedding dress.
Ethereal Fashion Show One Esplanade
If you want a mixture of classy and sexy, this look will definitely help you achieve that. An all-white jumpsuit with flowy back makes this extraordinary!
wedding suit styles
To pair the sexy wedding gowns here’s a minimalist white coat designed by Ryan Chris.

Ethereal Fashion Show’s Closing

best wedding suite for groom
And for the finale, here’s a non-traditional black and gold coat that wowed the crowd. If your groom wants to bring his A-game to your wedding, then he must see this. But be careful, because this might steal the spotlight away from the bride.
Ethereal Fashion Show for a Cause
Finally, here’s the best part of the Ethereal Fashion Show. A beautiful model came out covered with this thick white cloth that raised the curiosity of everyone in the crowd.
Wedding Gown styles
Then, she turned around to reveal a very glamorous and jaw-dropping wedding gown.
the Budgetarian Bride
This model definitely owned the runway and made the final walk truly enjoyable for everyone.
Ryan Chris house of fashion
Congratulations to Ryan Chris for this very successful fashion show! I hope you keep making more and more brides beautiful on their big day.

Behind-the-scenes of Ethereal Fashion Show

Aside from all the glamour, this event is truly special because it aims to build bigger and better classrooms for the kids at Tomas Earnshaw Elementary School.

Ryan Chris Foundation wants to inspire the students to reach for their dreams. That’s why the proceeds of this event will go to Tomas Earnshaw Elementary School.

Camille Fornela

This is me, Camille Fornela, arriving at the Fashion Show wearing all black for this event. I hope you enjoyed my first ever fashion show experience. Hoping to share more stories with you, sis!

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