31 Indoor Wedding Games for Philippine Weddings

wedding games Philippines

31 Indoor Wedding Games for Philippine Weddings

One of the most exciting parts of the reception is the wedding games, no doubt about it. Since this makes the whole program less stiff and it provides us with more laughter.

Now if you are looking for wedding game ideas for your indoor reception, then I have here 31 games for you!

31 Wedding Games for your Reception Program

  1. Pitik Bulag Royal Rumble
  2. Guess the Song for Groomsmen
  3. Garter Wedding Game with a Twist
  4. Bouquet Throwing with a Twist
  5. Ultimate Dance Challenge
  6. The Magic Saging
  7. Acting Game
  8. Traditional Game
  9. Pull the Ribbon
  10. Trip to Jerusalem with a Twist
  11. Bet on Your Bride/Groom
  12. Find the Garter
  13. Dance Battle with a Twist
  14. Set up
  15. Plane Ticket Raffle
  16. Dance Challenge
  17. Trip to Jerusalem and Tissue Box
  18. Who Knows the Couple Better
  19. Bouquet Carousel
  20. Reverse Charades
  21. Limbo
  22. More Kiss Marks, More Chances of Winning
  23. Shoot the Ball
  24. Guess the Song per Table
  25. Feeding Bottles
  26. Girl, Guy, and Gay
  27. Catch!
  28. Twerk Challenge
  29. Find the safety pin
  30. Beauty Contest
  31. Budots Dance Challenge

#1 Pitik Bulag Royal Rumble

indoor wedding games
photo by Ira Katrina Mendoza – Valerio

Instead of the usual bato bato pick game, we came up with this instead. #TeamPatIra

#2 Guess the Song Wedding Games

wedding games Philippines
photo by Jinkle Bantolo

For groomsmen, they have to guess the song title correctly to get eliminated. The last person standing wins the garter.

In the end, the chosen groomsman and bridesmaid will have to mirror the newlyweds kiss.

#3 Garter Wedding Game with a Twist

Wedding Game Ideas
photo by Charlotte Lajo-Juarez

All the single guys will play stop dance, then they will have to pass around the garter. Once the music stops, the guy holding the garter will be eliminated.

The last guy standing will sit with a small flower between his legs. Then the single ladies will have to get that flower, until one single lady is left.

The single guy and the single lady will then be paired.

#4 Bouquet Throwing with a Twist

The Budgetarian Bride
photo by Chen Jalagat Abanador

For the girls, instead of the traditional bouquet throwing, we had them form a circle. The bride is in the middle, and the single ladies are facing outside the circle.

They have to pass around the bouquet as the music plays. Once it stops, the lady holding the bouquet is automatically chosen!

#5 Ultimate Dance Challenge

The Budgetarian Groom
photo by Vina Diamante Dolosa

Best dancer wins! No other rule.

While the wedding guests enjoy the show 🙂

#6 The Magic Saging

Indoor wedding games
photo by Raquel Rebancos – Ulep

Yes, you read that right, The Magic Saging. Not Magic Sing.

The chosen guy will sit in the middle of the single ladies with a banana between his legs.

The single ladies have to catch the banana. Of course, the last single lady standing will be paired to the lucky guy!

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#7 Acting Game

The couple needs to prepare a couple of famous lines from Tagalog movies and tv series.

Then, the participants will have to pick one and act it out.

Best actor or actress wins the game!

By the way, this is a game idea by Erin Joan Yang-PoncedeLeon.

#8 Traditional Game

indoor wedding reception games philippines
photo by Wy Nell

We all know the traditional wedding games: bouquet throwing and garter throwing.

Perfect for traditional couples!

#9 Pull the Ribbon

indoor wedding reception games philippines
photo by Jaira Marie Amurao Villavicencio

The single ladies will have to pick a ribbon connected to the bouquet.

Once everyone is holding the end of the ribbon, they will have to pull it to find out which ribbon will stay connected.

Only one ribbon remains and the single lady holding the end of it will win!

#10 Trip to Jerusalem with a Twist

wedding reception games ideas philippines
photo by She Angat

This wedding game is similar to the Magic Saging. But more challenging.

Instead of using a banana, they use different vegetables every single round. From huge vegetables down to chili.

Now, imagine grabbing a chili in between a guy’s legs! Enough to make the crown go wild.

#11 Bet on Your Bride/Groom

Church Wedding Planning checklist
photo by Andrea Zacarias – Cabigting

We prepared video na minute to win it game style namin ni Hubby.

Each table will have a representative to guess who will win. Once they told us their guess, that’s the time we will play the video to reveal the winner.

#12 Find the Garter

The Budgetarian Bride ebook
photo by Rochelle Espino Bercasio

The single ladies will be blindfolded. Then they will have to search for the lucky guy’s body to find the garter.

The first one to find the garter will be paired with the lucky groomsman.

#13 Dance Battle with a Twist

The Budgetarian bride pdf
photo by Jheng Alarcon Rufin

The groomsmen will have to do a dance battle and the couple will choose the two finalist.

And to make this more exciting, these two gents will have to showoff their dancing skills.

During the final showdown, the host will choose the grandwinner to be paired with the lucky lady.

#14 Setup

Bride guide
photo by Mhai Ualat-Lacanaria

We prepared two boxes filled with the names of our single friends. The first box is filled with single guys’ names, and the second box is for the single ladies. Then, we will pick one from each box to pair them.

Well, that’s what the audience know.

Because each box contain only 1 name. Yes, we set them up!

#15 Plane Ticket Raffle

Budgetarian Bride
photo by KC Panga – Palgan

This one is also a setup disguising as a raffle!

These two single friends expected to win an RT ticket. Instead, we did a little matchmaking for them.

#16 Dance Challenge

Dance Challenge
photo by Apriil Atrero

Both the groomsmen and the bridesmaids had to dance!

#17 Trip to Jerusalem and Tissue Box Wedding Games

indoor wedding reception games philippines
photo by Rey Chrzl Bonto-Castillo

The first game is Trip to Jerusalem with the bridesmaids, similar to the Magic Saging game.

Then, the groomsmen will have to play the tissue box game. They will need to shoot the ball inside the tissue box without using their hands. To make this fun, the losing guy will be blindfolded before he puts the garter to the lucky lady’s legs.

But wait, there will be some surprise!

There’s no lucky lady.

Because the guy who won the tissue box game will play the role of the lucky lady.

This will surely be fun since the blindfolded guy will have to keep guessing. Watch out for their reactions.

#18 Who Knows the Couple Better

Bride Guide
photo by Eeltzen Sebron

Even before the actual program started, the time when we’re changing and prepping for the reception, we had a “who knows the couple better” challenge. The guests who got the right answers were treated with a specialized tote bag.

Bouquet Carousel
photo by Jane Noelene Canlas-Dimaranan

There will be ribbons connected to the bridal bouquet, and the single ladies need to pick one ribbon.

As the music plays, the single ladies will have to dance around the bride.

And while the bride is blindfolded, she needs to cut the ribbons around her bouquet. The person holding the last ribbon connected to the bridal bouquet wins!

#20 Reverse Charades

Reverse Charades
photo by Catt Perez-Juan

#21 Limbo

wedding reception games ideas philippines
photo by Ellie Mgtby – Molano

#22 More Kiss Marks, More Chances of Winning

photo by Lea Katrine Sabilla-Verona

We chose couples for the game. The guys were provided with white shirts then they put on lipstick to the girls.

The guy wearing the shirt with most number of kiss marks wins!

#23 Shoot the Ball

Funny wedding games
photo by Joanna Marie Estrella-Dulog

Who says we can’t play basketball during wedding reception?

#24 Guess the Song per Table

fun indoor games
photo by Floreces Logronio Tadla

Our wedding band singer will sing a song and one representative per table will raise his/her hand to give their group answer.

Prize is Ferrero chocolate sponsored by my sister Ingrid.

#25 Feeding Bottles Wedding Games

Wedding Planning for the Clueless bride to be ebook
photo by BabyLyn Hermogenes-Pecho

#26 Girl, Guy, and Gay

We picked one bridesmaid and one groomsman for this game. They will have to mirror us, the newlyweds, when we kiss.

But we have a twist!

We also called in a gay friend.

The groomsman had to mirror the kiss to both the bridesmaid and the gay friend!

Wedding Game idea by Arrah Gallardo-Alvarez.

#27 Catch!

bouquet throwing
photo by Rubie Almachar Arellano

I had to throw the bouquet three times to make sure my chosen classmate gets the bouquet!

#28 Twerk Challenge

Groomsmen Ideas
photo by Mavee Calayan – Ting

If you think the regular dance challenge is boring, you can always spice it up with some twerking!

#29 Find the safety pin wedding games

wedding reception games
photo by Angelyn Gutierrez Rodriguez-Ceremonia

Ladies will be blindfolded as they search the lucky guy’s body for the hidden safety pins. The single lady who couldn’t find the safety pin will be paired to this lucky guy.

Watch out where will they find the hidden safety pins!

#30 Beauty Contest

photo by Joyce C. Aranilla

Just like in any beauty contest, this game involves some cat walk and introduction.

While they are doing some fashion show, the audience will determine the winner based on the volume of claps.

#31 Budots Dance Challenge

The Budgetarian Bride fun wedding games
photo by Anne Jelly

I hope you enjoyed all these fun indoor wedding games!

If you need help in planning your dream wedding, you can check out Wedding Planning for the Clueless Bride to be eBook. It has all the wedding tools you need to help you make smart choices and wise decisions during wedding planning.

Happy Preps!

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  1. TBB, thank you for featuring us! #24 ❤️
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  2. Thank you!!!! You really give me a lot more ideas! I wanted to have a fun venue party where I can mix the Pinoy party with Mexican party and I’m having a hard time figuring this out na ma eenjoy ng aming not Pinoy guest.

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