Cost of wedding in the Philippines

Cost of Wedding in the Philippines (5 Things You Need to Know!)

Cost of Wedding in the Philippines (5 Things You Need to Know!)

Right after getting engaged, the next thing you need to know would be the cost of wedding in the Philippines. Asking “How much should I spend for a wedding?” is just too vague, too broad.

To have a better idea about the wedding cost in the Philippines, you need to consider the type of wedding, location, wedding date, number of guests, and preferred suppliers. These 5 things will help determine your whole wedding budget.

5 Factors that Affect the Cost of Wedding in the Philippines

#1 Type of Wedding

Do you prefer an Intimate Wedding or a Grand Celebration? Obviously, the intimate wedding is a lot cheaper than a grand celebration. Their price range varies a lot.

Do you want a Church Wedding, Garden Wedding, Beach Wedding, or a Civil Wedding in a courthouse?

  • Church Wedding – If you choose a church wedding, you have to anticipate the payment for the church and for your reception venue. Price varies depending on the size, location, and other fees imposed by the church.
  • Garden Wedding – For the garden wedding, there were instances that it costs less because the ceremony and reception venue is just the same place. You just have to pay for one venue.
  • Beach Wedding – With the beach wedding, it’s similar to a garden wedding. You can have the same venue for your ceremony and reception program. But the tricky part here is the accommodation expenses. If you have a morning wedding and the beach is out of town, you might need to book accommodation for your immediate family and VIP guests.
  • Civil Wedding in a courthouse – This is usually the cheapest option here in the Philippines. It’s because the courthouse does not need an elaborate setup, unlike in the church setting. You’ll save money from decors, and even the attire of your entourage.

#2 Location of your Wedding

Another factor that affects the wedding budget in the Philippines is the place where you want to get married.

Last February 10, 2020, I asked this inside the TBB Group ” How much is your total Wedding Budget?”, and here are some of their responses to give you a realistic idea:

“650k for 100 pax Tagaytay Wedding.”
“350k for 150 pax in Quezon City.”
“200k for 100 pax in Laguna. Wedding last March 8, 2020.”
“270k for 150 pax in Bulacan.”
“120k for 100 pax in Cavite.”
“230k for 300 pax in Quezon Province.”
“500k for 300 pax in Bicol.”
“480k for 150 pax in Negros. Dami kasi friends from Samar and Manila na pupunta kaya need magrent ng house for them and pangsundo na van.”

Based on our survey, it shows that a Tagaytay wedding is a lot more expensive compared to Laguna, and Cavite. And it is because Tagaytay is one of the most popular wedding destinations here in the Philippines.

Aside from that, you will also notice that Bicol and Negros weddings are also expensive. They have added expenses like transportation and accommodation for bringing their guests out of town. Plus the factor that there might be family traditions where you have to invite every relative to celebrate your big day with.

#3 Wedding Date

Did you know that wedding suppliers do have a yearly price increase? Actually, some of them do it twice a year. So if you plan to get married 3 years or 5 years from now, the cost of the wedding in the Philippines will just go up.

Aside from that, there are also peak wedding months like December and June. Peak months means expensive months! In December, you are not just competing with other weddings, there are a lot of events happening and venues and suppliers got booked faster. While June is definitely a popular wedding month because we grew up wanting to be a “June Bride.”

Holidays are also expensive dates to get married. You’ll be charged higher because you’ll be the one to shoulder the double pay of the employees working for your wedding.

And there are also hot dates like 02-02-2020 or 08-08-2008, the date format that rarely happens. A lot of couples book this date ahead of time, and it drives the prices up.

#4 Number of Guests

This is the reason you need to manage your guest list.

Each guest comes with a price. Let’s take catering as an example. The catering usually charges a fixed amount per head. So, as the number of wedding guests increases, the catering budget needs to increase as well.

Aside from the catering, you also have to consider the number of invitations and souvenirs.

#5 Preferred Suppliers

When you have a specific supplier in mind, you need to consider their price, too.

Sought after or celebrity wedding suppliers cost a lot. This is because your are paying for their name, expertise, credibility, and years of experience.

Now if you have a non-negotiable supplier, that should be a part of your budget consideration.

Camille Fornela

I hope you find this helpful for your wedding preparations. Happy preps! <3

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