25 Wedding Gowns Under 25,000 Pesos (and Where to Buy Them!)

Wedding Gowns under 25000 pesos

25 Wedding Gowns Under 25,000 Pesos (and Where to Buy Them!)

Finding the loveliest wedding gowns is definitely one of the much-awaited moments of every bride-to-be. But aside from finding the most beautiful gown, the price should also fit within the budget.

That’s why I compiled wedding gowns under 25,000 pesos you can find here in the Philippines.

Where to Buy Affordable Wedding Gowns?

Wedding Gowns in Divisoria

2,500 Pesos

ready to wear bridal gowns
photo by Jell Mandin-Enderes

Bought this gown at Yapyuanco Building in Divisoria.

5,000 Pesos

ready to wear bridal gowns
photo by Kristine Morgado Gestiada

Bought this wedding gown in Tabora St. with complete accessories.

6,000 pesos

ready to wear bridal gowns
photo by Jaileen Valdez-Espera

Not the typical long gown because I’m already pregnant, that’s why I wanted a light gown while walking and for me to move comfortably. Bought this in 168 Mall.

6,000 Pesos

the budgetarian bride ebook
photo by Ma Elvira Morales Tubo-Marquez

Bought this super off shoulder gown with accessories for only 6k in Divisoria. And we also got groom’s suit for only 4k.

7,000 Pesos

divisoria wedding gowns for sale with price
photo by Janna Marie Herrera-Sarreal

Shekinah’s Gown at D8 Mall, worth 7K only. Off-white gown with free accesories.

9,000 Pesos

budgetarian bride
photo by Esterlyn Hermosilla Beato-Iranzo

We bought my long train wedding gown in Ylaya St., Divisoria. And 12k is the original price.

10,000 Pesos

Budgetarian bride
photo by Maika Usi Flores

Minimalistwedding gown with pockets and complete accessories for only 10k. Bought from GLE-NIE Bridal Boutique, 3rd floor, 168 Mall in Divisoria.

15,000 Pesos

Leslies Bridal
photo by Vhicky Balagtas – Aguillon

This 15k wedding gown is from Leslie’s Bridal in Pandi, Bulacan, but they also have a shop in 168 Mall. It is 6-layer light champagne with lace and Swarovski crystals, and side pockets. And the gown that I availed already came with free pillows, cord, veil, arrhae, and bridal pouch.

15,000 Pesos

wedding gown philippines divisoria
photo by Jenna Larino Souribio

Bought from Jho & Ed Bridal Shop in D8 Mall. And this gown also comes with complete ceremony accessories.

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15,000 Pesos

wedding dresses, cheap
photo by Angelyn Gutierrez Rodriguez-Ceremonia

It’s a two-way wedding gown from Divisoria Mall. Plus the ceremony accessories are also included.

16,000 Pesos

plus size bridal dress
photo by Shenggay Aquino

Got this at a discounted price, original price is 18k. Please take note that this is rushed and made-to-order, I’m a plus-sized and tall woman. Bought this from Jennifer’s Bride Collection in D8 Mall. And it comes with complete accessories.

18,000 Pesos

wedding gowns
photo by Yabby Saniel Javier

By Ofel Ong of D8 Mall.

Wedding Gowns in Disenyo Pandi

10,000 Pesos

The Budgetarian Bride
Camille Fornela, The Budgetarian Bride

The 10k wedding gown comes with 1 simple robe, 2 pillows, cord, 2 veils, arrhae, garter, and free mannequin use. You can contact Lara’s Bridal Boutique for further details.

15,000 Pesos

wedding gown designs
photo by Ann Karylle Mijares

Bought this from Pandi Depot or Disenyo Pandi at Bagong Barrio, Pandi, Bulacan. This is worth 15,000 pesos with complete accessories.

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