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Wedding Guest List – 6 Types of People You Do Not Need on Your Wedding Day

One of the most time-consuming parts of wedding planning is listing down your Wedding Guest List. For some, this list also makes them emotional and even heartbroken. Because you have to choose who to invite and there will be people you cannot include.

As much as you want to invite everyone in your life, your budget does not allow you.

And there are some brides-to-be who actually prefer an intimate and more solemn wedding celebration than the traditional and big celebration.

If you’re having doubts on who to include and who to eliminate, you can use this simple guide I have for you:

#1 Someone Who Acts Like a DIVA

Anyone who acts like a Diva should not be part of your Wedding Guest List.

On your wedding day, you and your partner should be the main character, and no one else.

If anyone you invite started demanding things from you (e.g. accommodation, dress, transportation, or insisting on bringing plus one), you can politely turn down their requests. Especially if their request is not included on your budget.

Those people who truly love you will come on your wedding day without any special requests or demands.

#2 Toxic People

Even if they are family members, relatives, or co-workers, if you feel like they will not give you good memories on your wedding day, do not invite them.

Your Wedding, Your Rules.

If you feel like they will make a scene, they will impose their superstitious beliefs, or you will just hear negative comments from them, it’s better you keep some distance.

#3 Stressful Wedding Suppliers

During wedding planning, you can test how professional your chosen wedding suppliers are.

How fast do they reply, are they on time during meetings, or do they deliver the promised output?

If you ever felt stressed with any supplier, and you still have enough time to find a replacement, it’s better to let go.

Don’t let a single supplier ruin your glow.

#4 Friends Never Met By Your Partner

Since the wedding is about the couple, you should prioritize people who are part of you and your partner’s lives.

If you haven’t seen your high school friend since high school graduation, it’s okay to let them go.

#5 Anyone Your Partner Dislikes

Aside from the people you personally dislike, consider your partner’s feelings, too.

You should be considerate enough not to invite exes or flings who make your partner uncomfortable on your wedding day.

If you have any doubts about adding another name on the Wedding Guest List, ask your partner first.

#6 People with Excuses

Anyone who messaged or called you just to let you know they can’t be on your wedding day should be excused.

No matter how close your relationship might be, you can’t expect people to treat your wedding day as their top priority, too. And all you can do is let go.

As much as you want them to be on your wedding day, they have their reasons.

Maybe the seats you reserved for them can be offered to other friends who really wanted to go.

Wedding Guest List

Don’t let other people stress you out, but you also have to watch your words when talking to them.

It’s sad to burn bridges just because of Wedding Guest List.

If you any need help with Wedding Planning, you can always check out thebudgetarianbride.com for more inspirations!

Smile, and just let God guide you with your decisions πŸ™‚

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11 thoughts on “Wedding Guest List – 6 Types of People You Do Not Need on Your Wedding Day

  1. only dear friends I love and family i treasure. looking back to my own wedding, it was a good list of people who made my wedding very memorable.

  2. yes lot’s of type of person we will encounter during the wedding but the most important is to enjoy the moment..

  3. Ohhh, thank goodness for this list of people to avoid on your wedding! Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life so… why waste it with these toxic people, right? πŸ˜‰

  4. I have a lot of regrets in inviting some people in wedding! Haha. That’s why when I give advise to soon to be married couples, my number 1 advise is to choose the guests wisely. πŸ˜‚

  5. You don’t need stress on your wedding, and you can invite of disinvite whomever you want. After all, few guests means fewer costs.

  6. Totally agree with this! And this is helpful specially for people who are being frustrated about guests and it really could be stressy

  7. When my then fiancee and I were preparing for our wedding, we wanted to keep it solemn so we invited only close friends and family. Still, we were not spared from the headaches toxic people. Two relatives had a quarrel on our wedding day and one close friend we invited was not able to make it only to find out later on that he woke up late because of excessive drinking the night before.

  8. I remember not inviting my friends in college because yah, they became toxic people before the wedding day but they aren’t enemies no. When they found out about not inviting them, they unfriended me and even told me to forget that we are friends. Now that’s really toxic!

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