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11 Heartfelt Wedding Advice Every Soon-to-Wed Couple Should Read!

During the wedding planning stage, most brides feel overwhelmed and stressed out because they feel confused about which wedding planning advice to follow.

That’s why we asked our fellow Budgetarian Brides who already went through the wedding planning stage for the best advice they can give to soon-to-wed couples. And here are the things that they have to say:

Wedding Advice #1 You can conquer everything because you did not give up

What matters most is that you cherish each other’s relationship enough to decide what’s best for it and not conform with what society tells you to do. ❤️

An intimate, simple wedding is the most sophisticated above all, you can always renew your vows with all its grand anytime when the time is right ❤️

If you see posts of previous grand weddings, it’s okay to feel a little bit jealous – but turn this into hope that everything will be okay in God’s time and you too can have this.

By the time the both of you has survived this pandemic, you can conquer everything because you did not give up despite all the troubles this unfortunate event has caused you.

Stay in-love with respect and commitment and put God at the center of your relationship…

Advice by Diana Laura Lei

Wedding Advice #2 Always be ready to adjust for each other

Always be ready to adjust for each other. Pride will always ruin any relationship. Therefore, be patient and understanding. Let love and respect reign. Enjoy every moment because everyday is still an opportunity to get to know each other well. Most of all, help each other get closer to God.

Advice by Iam ABby Cabato

Wedding Advice #3 Stand for your decisions

Prepare yourself. Stand for your decisions because the struggle and adjustments are yet to come. Always choose your family no matter what… 😊 stay inlove. ♥️ Falling inlove is easy, you can fall inlove in 2minutes but staying inlove forever with the same person is very special.

You may unlove your partner for a day but choose to love him/her before the day ends.

Advice by Regie Bartolome-Araw

Wedding Advice #4 Don’t stress out yourself on preparation

Don’t stress yourself out on preparation, take a pause if you feel a bit stressed. Minsan kasi di na natin namamalayan na ung effort na ginagawa natin for the wedding is to please the guests.

Advice by Sunshine San Jose

Wedding Advice #5 Always remember the reason why you want to marry

To always remember the reason why you want to marry even when things go rough 💏 preppin for the wedding will surely reveal your meanest and baddest attitude..

Advice by JhAidan Ramos – Vallestero

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Wedding Advice #6 You can choose to accept what is happening and wait happily

My wedding advice to soon-to-wed couples is try this mantra “Happily waiting.”

It is a reminder that you can be happy anytime, anywhere, no matter what you are doing, simply by remembering that you have a choice.

You can choose to change your normal reactions. You can choose to accept what is happening and wait happily.
And don’t stress yourselves because God will provide.

Advice by Chai Sonoga-Gaspar

Wedding Advice #7 Good relationship with your soon-to-be inlaws is important.

Your good relationship with your soon- to-be-in-laws is important. Be careful with your words always.. Stay kind and generous to them.

Advice by Ging Gerodias Rocel Quijano

Wedding Advice #8 Set a core decision

Set a core decision as a couple. And all the other minor decisions shall be inclined to that. ♥️ All else will flow smoothly if you have a core decision. Hindi magiging labo-labo. 🥰

Advice by Eujan Gazzingan-Abracia

Wedding Advice #9 Make love!

My dad’s advice for us: if my husband wants to make love even if i’m tired i still have to do it

Advice by Keeshia Mari

Wedding Advice #10 Trust God’s perfect timing

The delay of your wedding day is not the end of the world. Cry for a while and lift everything to God. I know it’s difficult but believe me it’s all worth the wait!😍 Trust God’s perfect timing.God’s plan is never late, never advance but always on time.You are perfectly on track. Enjoy the delay. Always pray and believe that everything will turn out as God’s plan for you is more than what you could ask for.At the end of the day you’ll gonna thank God for the delay.😉

Advice by Elisa May Balansag Joseph

Wedding Advice #11 Enjoy the journey

Don’t stress out yourself with little things…
Never compromise the relationship.
Do plan your wedding diligently, and God will take care of the rest.
Enjoy the journey and let go of your pride.

Advice by Gypsy Soloria

I hope you enjoy these real-life wedding planning tips straight from fellow Budgetarian Brides.

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