where to buy bridal robe 2020

Bridal Robe 2020: Here’s The Budgetarian Bride January Feature

Based on our recent post, here are the top 10 Bridal Robe 2020 that won our hearts!

From freebie bridal robes to custom-made, they all made it to our Top 10. See what The Budgetarian Brides are raving about:

Top 1 Roxanne Sion

Bridal Robes 2020 The Budgetarian Bride
Topping the list with 18 reactions.

Robe lang ng hotel gamit ko 😁

Top 2 Mady Taladro

Bridal Robe 2020
With 16 reactions

Our prep dress all from Taytay Tiangge, my bridal robe is 250pesos then the mom’s and bridal squad’s wrap-around dress is 150pesos. We also got matching slippers (not pictured). Wala pang 2k ang budget for these. 😅  #budgetarianbride #GATStobewithMADY

Top 3 BernacLaire Suñga Lulu

Bridal Robes Divisoria
With 12 reactions

Same bridal robe na ginamit ng mommy ko 26 years ago 💕

Top 4 Maria Cristina Lacap-Lutero

Bridal Robes 2020 where to buy
WIth 9 reactions

Eto lang nakayanan 😬

Top 5 Grace An Borrinaga-Angue

Affordable Bridal Robe
With 9 reactions, too.

My 800 peso bridal robe. ❤❤ December 7, 2019

Top 6 Nix Teoxon-Disuanco

Sexy Bridal Robe Manila
With 8 reactions

My mauve cut-out bridal robe💖

Top 7 Roelynne Abarro – Masikat

The Budgetarian Bride
With 7 reactions

1500 tahi ng kapitbahay namin
07132019 😍😘

Top 8 Karla Quiambao – Sumay

Bridal Robe Lace
With 7 reactions

Robe by Ms. Yvonne Camay 🥰

Top 9 Jessica Lera

The Budgetarian Bride
With 6 reactions

Robe with trail by Cruella & co.

Top 10 Christine Mangune-Aleta

Where to buy bridal robe
With 6 reactions

Budgetarian robe! Hehe 🥰

I hope you loved all the Bridal Robe 2020 we featured! If you want to be part of the next featured brides, you can like our page The Budgetarian Bride, and stay tuned for our upcoming posts.

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