Wedding Rings 2020: Here’s The Budgetarian Bride January Feature

Wedding rings 2020

I am excited to show you these top 10 Wedding Rings 2020 that won our hearts!

From the traditional gold wedding rings to modern wedding bands, here are the ones which made it to our Top 10. See what The Budgetarian Brides are raving about:

Top 1 Che Arellano

Wedding rings Philippines
Topping this list with a massive 126 reactions!

Our customized baybayin ring from Quielle Ph
Symbols means “biyaya”
♥️♥️♥️Gelo Arellano

Top 2 Joyzie Reyes-Estrada

Wedding rings idea
With 81 reactions

Oh i love our wedding ring ❤️❤️ may space for my engagement ring. ❤️

Top 3 Kristine Morgado Gestiada

Affordable wedding rings 2020
With 58 reactions


Top 4 Roxanne Sion

Wedding bands
With 57 reactions

Our made to order wedding ring in two tone 👰🤵💍

Top 5 Rachel Cadag Fernandez

Wedding rings 2020
With 26 reactions

Our simple wedding rings with my engagement ring👫😘

Top 6 Ellaine L Morales

Wedding rings 2020
With 24 reactions

Ordered from Dubai for only 15k
Gold po yan 😊Simple yet elegant

Top 7 Geraldine Mallari

Wedding rings idea
With 21 reactions

Our customized silver wedding ring. Our thumbmarks as the design. Simple and unique.

Top 8 Lou Anne Bonto Bellen

Wedding ring design
With 20 reactions

Our wedding ring and the engagement ring 01/04/2020

Top 9 Anna Paula Senining Rico

The Budgetarian Bride
With 19 reactions

Our soon wedding rings from Vietnam with our hashtag
#Customized #SimpleandDainty

Top 10 Bhelle Cordero – Yu

Wedding Rings 2020
With 17 reactions

Sharing our customized wedding rings (his half heart & my half heart. if joined together it becomes one whole heart 🥰) with our birthstones engagement ring na din 😊

I hope you loved all the Wedding Rings 2020 we featured! If you want to be part of the next featured brides, you can like our page The Budgetarian Bride, and stay tuned for our upcoming posts.

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Wedding Rings 2020: Here’s The Budgetarian Bride January Feature

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  1. Wow! Di namin inexpect na magtatop 5 yung wedding rings namin😇 thank you mga sis and The Budgetarian Bride! Nakakahappy naman, tuwang tuwa husband ko😍😇🤗

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