11 Biggest Wedding Fears of Brides-to-be!

With this once-in-a-lifetime event, comes the biggest wedding fears of every bride-to-be. There are lots of things that could possibly go wrong, and there is no take two. It’s either you get it all right the first time, or something might happen that can ruin this very special day. Now, it’s important you read all […]

11 Rain on Wedding Day Tips to Make You Stress-Free!

Here in the Philippines, if your wedding date falls between June to October, you will need these 11 rain on wedding day tips. June to August usually has regular rains, while September and October are typhoon months. But don’t worry if you already planned your wedding later this year. Here are the things you need […]

14 Unexpected Things Wedding Guests Love (I Wish Everyone Knew About it!)

To find out the things wedding guests love about weddings, I asked my Facebook friends. I actually posted this question on my personal Facebook account: Bukod sa food sa reception, ano pa ang inaabangan nyong part kapag umaattend kayo sa weddings? -Camille Fornela (Aside from the food at the reception, what else do you anticipate […]

7 Rules on How to Choose Bridesmaids (and Groomsmen!)

When you have too many or too few girl friends, you tend to worry on how to choose bridesmaids for your big day. Since they will be a huge part of the wedding, you want to have the best bride squad. When choosing your bridesmaids, you have to consider your relationship with them, their availability, […]

Wedding Entourage List for Filipino Church Wedding (Read Here!)

For every newly-engaged couples, writing down the names for your wedding entourage list is one of the most exciting things to do! It’s like a dream coming to life, imagine your wedding plans unfolding right in front of you. But here’s the tricky part, couples do not have an idea about the wedding entourage list. […]

Wedding Invitation Format for Your DIY Invitation

To save up on some expenses, couples try to DIY things like invitations and one of their major concerns is the wedding invitation format. How do you tell them that they need to RSVP? What should I write first on the invitation? Our names or the wedding date? Can I politely say that we prefer […]

16 Sentimental Realizations On Your Wedding Day (Must Read!)

On your wedding day, all your wedding preparation efforts will now pay off and you will experience one of the biggest moments of your life. Surely, there will be lots of things happening all at the same time on your wedding day. There were some things you will not even notice, but there will be […]

Wedding Guest List – 6 Types of People You Do Not Need on Your Wedding Day

One of the most time-consuming parts of wedding planning is listing down your Wedding Guest List. For some, this list also makes them emotional and even heartbroken. Because you have to choose who to invite and there will be people you cannot include. As much as you want to invite everyone in your life, your […]

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